This lovely crocus has weathered many a winter at the corner of our house, bravely to reappear each spring before all others flowers in our garden, here at the edge of the pond.

A double bloom appeared in 2009, but only a single one this year. Perhaps the winter was colder this year, or the bulb has less stored energy than it once had. We’re all getting older.

I missed it in 2010. There was too much late snow that year, I guess.

The two photos were taken two years apart, but on almost the same date, April 11th and 10th respectively. Nature’s clock is truly amazing, especially given the normal fluctuations in temperature.

A tip: I’ve learned that it’s important to leave the leaves standing after the bloom has withered and gone, so the bulb can recharge its energy for the next season.

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2 Responses to First Crocus*

  1. Robin Mirollo says:

    Ron, your own clock rivals that of Mother Nature. I marvel that you remembered to take the photo on the same day one year apart. Stunning photo, nice focus. I really enjoyed your notes about the photo and the life of one small crocus. God is in the small things.

    • Ron Cohen says:

      Thanks, Robin. Yes God is in the details, as a famous architect once said. But my memory for dates is notoriously bad. It was the little flower that reminded me, poking up its bright accent of color amid the dull landscape of early spring.

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