Daffy Bright

Daffy bright,
Gold on white,
Petals pure,
Aspect sure,
Life so brief,
Full of grief,
Soon to go,
Fail to know
That you give
We who live,
By the trick
Of this pic,
Joy to keep,
As we weep.

Ron Cohen © 2011

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One Response to Bicolored Daffodil*

  1. Robin Mirollo says:


    Yes such is the human condition because unlike your daffodil, we don’t “fail to know”. Our senses both bless and grieve us at the same time. We’re the only creatures aware of our own mortality and that of all life, so we see beauty and experience joy that at the same time bruises the heart and fills the soul. This juxaposition, like your bi-colored daffodil, perhaps intensifies our joy. Without it, would we be able to recognize beauty? Keep writing my friend.

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