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One of the nice things about having your own blog is that you can take liberties. Well, I’ve decided to let myself depart from the pond theme now and then. To maintain a scrap of integrity, though, I’ll file these off-subject postings under an appropriate new category, “Destinations.”

When I was a kid, taking pictures in a museum was strictly verboten. Today the tidal wave of cell phone photographers has washed away that fusty rule. You’re now permitted to take pictures in most museums as long as you don’t use flash.

Prompted by my brother, who’s taken some every nice photos with his cell phone, I thought I’d try my hand with my new phone in a recent visit to the Chihuly Exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Of course, I could’ve brought my bulky SLR (that’s permitted too), but I’ve found that lugging it around interferes with the museum experience. The cell phone was made to order for this venue, I thought.

What I’d forgotten was a basic rule: you’ve got to hold the camera still, especially in poor light where the shutter speed will be slow. (My big camera compensates for camera shake, so I don’t usually worry about it now.) As a result, this slide show is shorter than I’d hoped, but at least it provides a glimpse of this remarkable exhibit — a 40-year retrospective of the American master glass artist, Dale Chihuly.

If this whets your appetite, follow the link to a stunning slide show with photos provided by the museum. It’s accompanied by a written overview: MFA’s Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass.

For more information, videos and slide shows, check the MFA web site. Disappointingly, the exhibit ended August 8th. My apologies, I had hoped to publish this earlier, but vacation intervened.

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