How grand! Another magnificent dawn! This makes two in as many days. In years past, I had come to expect such elaborate displays in frigid December, not in mild October.

Why so early this year? Mere chance, or climate change? Or did I miss them previously behind the now departed Box Elder?

Yesterday, I held the camera by hand, always risky, but did manage to get several, good, sharp images. This time, I didn’t take any chances. I mounted the camera on a tripod, and used the remote release, avoiding any possibility of camera shake. I shot forty frames in as many minutes — but, as so often happens, the first was the best. With each passing minute, the sky lightened and the soft, ephemeral colors became less intense.

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2 Responses to Pearly Dawn*

  1. Jim Fett says:

    I’m glad someone gets up this early to snap these wonderful photos!

  2. Jim Harshbarger says:

    Thank you for including me, Ron. I too see our weather changing, the cooler and darker mornings and miss the light as I start now covered in dark and soon the jackets and turtlenecks and gloves. My best,

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