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I could claim hours of patient waiting, or lightning-fast reflexes that let me trip the shutter at just the right moment. None of that would be true; these photos are the result of dumb luck!

A large number of migrating ruddy ducks have stopped by this year, and have stayed longer than usual, no doubt due to the warm winter. Several of these tiny ducks had ventured closer than usual to shore. It was an opportunity too good to miss. I opened my window slowly to avoid startling them — they’re always skittish — and started shooting. Suddenly, a Great Blue Heron flew across my field of view. Reflexly, I swung the camera up and kept clicking. (Incidentally, I looked up “reflexly;” it is a word and I have used it correctly. “Reflexively” means something entirely different)

These are small images, admittedly, as the heron was far away, but they do suggest the power and grace of this great bird aloft. A Great Blue in flight — at last — captured on November 20, 2011.

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3 Responses to Great Blue in Flight

  1. Robin Mirollo says:

    The light and dark of the wings in the 3d shot (one with twigs in foreground) that you captured gives the heron an almost mystical appearance.

  2. Jim Fett says:

    Great photo Ron – looks like s/he has something to say!

  3. Terry Sullivan says:

    Wonderful action shots of Blue Heron. Thanks for sharing.

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