Low clouds filtered the bright, December moonlight, spreading it faintly over the water, imparting a surreal quality to the scene.

It was late. Skipping the tripod, I opened the window and braced the camera against the window frame for the long exposure. Happily, the camera held steady.

Digital cameras often produce an unwanted halo around a bright moon photographed against a dark sky. In this case, however, the clouds created that effect naturally.

The points of light, reflected in the water as vertical lines, are the lights of a rental community on a hill over half-a-mile across the pond.

The photo was taken at 7:04 pm on December 12, 2011.

See related post: Night Lights II*. This photo is best viewed in dim light. Click image to enlarge it, and browser’s back arrow to close. Comments are welcome.


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  1. Robin Mirollo says:

    Real cool. Love the branches across the moon.

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