The pond was unusually still, and the reflection almost mirror-perfect. It was late, so once again I made do without the tripod. Lowering the top sash, I braced the camera against both the sash edge and my chest for the 1/5th-second manual exposure. (I had determined the manual exposure in advance by taking a few trial shots through the glass, as I’ve found the camera’s auto-exposure unreliable in low light.)

It’s perhaps not an artistic of photo in the usual sense, but it cried out to be taken. During the summer, this rental community is screened by foliage. The image was recorded at 9:10 pm on February 3, 2012.

See related post: Night Lights*. This photo is best viewed in dim light. Click image to enlarge it, and browser’s back arrow to close. Comments are welcome.


2 Responses to Night Lights II*

  1. Jim Fett says:

    Very impressive Ron. Higher up in the winter sky on clear nights are now spectacular sights of the planets Jupiter and Venus, the constellation Orion, and the ‘dog star’ Sirius – very important in our canine-centric household!

  2. Naomi Quinn says:

    You could add the observation that the water was so still that the photo could be flipped upside down and no one would be able to tell. That’s in fact what makes it interesting.

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