Valentine Day broke with an unusual color palate spreading across the southeastern sky. Bright coral-red clouds dominated, wispy and tenuous, like aurora borealis, against a darker blue sky. Between water and sky, lit windows were just visible as pinpricks of light.

For once, I didn’t doddle. Still groggy with sleep, I grabbed the camera upon glimpsing the red glow. At first, there was just enough light to shoot without a tripod. Within moments, there was too much light, the colors becoming progressively paler and brighter. Once again, I had to override the camera, manually reducing the exposure.

Due to its great distance, the formation was a little slower-moving than most. Sadly, I had other matters pressing, and couldn’t wait for the grand finale — the slow, stately march of the fire gods to the edge of the sky, and oblivion.

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  1. Terry Sullivan says:

    Ron, I love the pastel colors of your daybreak photo and the house lights tucked amongst the trees. Nice.

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