I’ve come to recognize the lumbered, slightly jerky flight of the Bald Eagle flying low among the trees. Even with the light failing, I spotted it through the window, without difficulty, coming from the direction of the marshy area at at the north end of the pond.

As soon as it cleared the tangle of trees, it stopped high above the house, as usual. I imagine it pauses here to catch its breath, and plan the next leg of its trip. I stealthily opened the front door, so I’d have room to aim the camera upwards. Light conditions allowed only this one, murky photo.

After five minutes, the great bird flew off in a southwesterly direction. I tried to capture it in flight, but the tree trunk blocked my shot.

This photo was was taken at 5:46 pm, on March 4, 2012.

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3 Responses to Bald Eagle at Dusk

  1. Claire Leblanc says:

    AWESOME, I didn’t know they were still around. I have not seen them down my end, but I keep looking.

  2. Jim Fett says:

    Yes, quite interesting visitors. First time I’ve seen them around the pond in my many years here. Hope they do indeed return, but leave my cardinals alone!

  3. Dede Reade says:

    We have been blessed with so many sightings of them this year. I hope they like it and stick around…

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