I woke early. I was hoping to finish an earlier post, delayed already for a week. In the quiet hour before dawn, I thought, I’ll get it done. Little did I count on this dramatic event.

As I typed, the sky began to brighten. A massive, dark cloud appeared out of the gloom, and tugged at my sleeve. “Something big is coming,” it whispered in my ear. Try as I might, I couldn’t ignore it.

Suddenly, the sun broke behind the eastern ridge, while the sky above it caught fire, turning bright gold, the color of hot coals. Soon, the sun would top the ridge at its highest point, exactly due east.

As I watched, the colors deepened. The moment had come! I grabbed my camera, lowered the upper sash, and shot eight photos in one minute. By the last frame, the sky had begun to lighten, and the colors fade. I had caught this empyrean spectacle at its peak. Time was 6:43 am on March 30, 2012.

Update: This post was originally published under the title, Fiery Dawn. Sorry for any confusion.

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