There’s a nice piece about me and this blog in the Waltham News Tribune online edition.

The article was written by Jim Walker, Photo Editor, in his topical blog about Watch City goings-on. The blog is aptly named Brand New Watch. I recommend it highly for its focus on the little crannies of our city – its life, work and hope – aspects that we otherwise would never see nor appreciate.

Jim came to the house for an interview. I was tired that day, and a bit rambling in response to his questions. But Jim did what a good reporter does. He deftly culled out the essence and presented it with clarity, color and style.


9 Responses to Five Minutes of Fame*

  1. Terry Sullivan says:

    That was a very nice article about you and your passion for photography. Congratulations on being recognized for your work.

  2. Robin Mirollo says:

    Ron, nice piece. It comes across as genuinely you. As much as you enjoy photographing and documenting life at Hardy Pond, it’s the sharing and interaction with your audience that brings it to another level. I always look forward to your beautiful photos and blog.

    Greetings from St. Helena, California (where you would not be able to put your camera down). I’ll send you some photos from our trip.

    • Mary Van says:

      I have enjoyed your photos immensely, and are pleased you had an article written about you. You are very accomplished.

  3. Katherine Ririe Yancey says:

    Great article, Ron! Glad to see that you are getting some good recognition, and looking forward to hearing more about you in the area press! Maybe a spot on Chronicle next?

  4. Bob and Susan Gebhardt says:

    A well-deserved recognition. The photography is fantastic. Thanks for including us.

    P.S. You’re looking pretty good for 75!

  5. Kyna Hamill says:

    Well done Ron! I always enjoy getting your posts.

  6. Claire LeBlanc says:


  7. Happy to read it, Ron. Good for you!

  8. Dick Quinn says:

    Well-deserved recognition!

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