This is the biggest swan I’ve ever seen. He’s the current resident male, (the victor in the swan fight I posted earlier). His neck is green with algae because he’s been feeding from the bottom.

His mate was nearby when this was taken. She’s off the nest now, but with no signets to show for her efforts. Either the eggs were washed away by all the rain, or they were done in my the unseasonably colds nights. As a neighbor pointed out to me, we’ve seen no ducklings either this year, presumably for the same reasons.

In the parlance of ornithologists, the male swan is a “cob” and the female a “pen,” as regular readers of this blog will know. The photo was taken May 31, 2012, at 2:15 pm.

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  1. Dede Reade says:

    I didn’t realize there were no ducklings this year but I did count at least 16 goslings in one sitting. I wonder why that is…are they the earliest to arrive and/or better able to survive cold and wet climate?

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