Whence comes the title of this post? The photo was taken late at night, not late in the month. I first caught sight of this lonely moon, pale and distant in the southeast, well past 10:00 pm. What drew my attention were the spooky, Halloween-style clouds draped over it. By the time I grabbed the camera and figured out the exposure, the clouds had consolidated, and the more interesting ones had vanished. Not five minutes after the photo was taken, the clouds had closed ranks entirely, blocking the orb from earthly view.

Technically, I believe this is called a Waning Full Moon, occurring as it did on June 5, 2012, one day after the Full Moon itself, which took place on June 4, 2012. You can see these two, and all of June’s moons, at a glance, in the elegantly illustrated Moon Phases Calendar.

This is a subtle, nuanced photo, best enjoyed full-screen and in low light. Click the image to enlarge it, and your browser’s back arrow to close. Comments are welcome.


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  1. Jim Fett says:

    Very interesting ‘reflective’ photo Ron!

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