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Several nights ago, some revelers directly across the pond from me set off a brief, but to my eyes professional fireworks display — in anticipation of the Fourth. I say “brief” with relief, because I always worry about the effect of such things on wildlife.

Of course, I can’t simply enjoy an event like this; I have to take pictures. At first, I left my camera on “Auto,” letting it determine the exposures — which turned out to be short time-exposures. The resulting images reminded me of Jackson Pollock paintings. As lovely as they were, the purist in me rebelled. I reset the camera to a stop-action shutter speed.

The result is a slide show divided into two parts, the fantastical and the precise. Each has its own appeal. Below each image I’ve noted the shutter speed, for those who may be interested. The first and last frames may remind some readers of images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Regretfully, I lost a few potential photos because the camera’s auto-focus couldn’t keep pace with the fast-moving fireworks. Finally, it dawned on me to turn off the auto-focus, and manually set the focus to infinity. I took a few more good shots before the dazzling display abruptly ended.

The date was June 30, 2012, the time a little past 10:30 in the evening.

These dramatic images are best viewed in dim light.

Click thumbnails or use keyboard arrows to view slides on this page. Click any image to open a Flickr slide show, then click the gray rectangle in lower right corner for best, full-screen viewing.


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  1. Jim Fett says:

    Very impressive photos Ron – I hope they had a permit :)!

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