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I know, I know, July Fourth broke overcast and rainy this year, but why be literal-minded about it? This dazzling sunrise was taken just one day earlier; surely it can mark the holiday. After all, we enjoy fireworks for several days leading up to Independence Day. And well we might, for the Continental Congress actually declared independence on July 2nd. The Declaration itself was dated July 4th, but wasn’t signed until a month later, on August 2, 1776.

Now, about the photos: Whenever possible, I take multiple shots of a subject, then winnow out the best for posting here. In this case, I couldn’t decide. I even went to the length of printing all four scenes, but still couldn’t pick a “best.” They all had their charms.

So here they are, all of them, arranged so the viewer can enter progressively into the scene, on a magic carpet of his or her own imagining. Below each image I’ve noted the focal length of the zoom lens, in 35mm terms, for those who may be interested. (Displayed by focal length, the first three frames are out of temporal sequence by a matter of seconds. For the last frame, taken three minutes later, I relented and displayed it last.)

As indicated, the photos were taken about 5:30 am on July 3, 2012. Officially, sunrise occurred at 5:13 that day, but the sun doesn’t top our eastern ridge until almost twenty minutes later.

I shot from the extreme southeastern corner of our property, at the water’s edge. It was from this same spot that I shot Fiery June Dawn* a month earlier. As then, I was looking toward the northeast. The earlier scene glowed hot with orange and gold; by contrast, this took a cool, blue turn.

Update: This post was first published as “July Fourth Dawn.” Sorry for any confusion.

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  1. I thought you and your readers would like these. They are sunset shots I have made into panoramics of sunsets over Hardy Pond. All were taken from a boat, and are looking west.



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