The Shasta daisies lasted a pretty long time this year, considering how dry it’s been. But the 93-degree heat finally did them in. I’ll cut the heads off, and hopefully with a little rain, more will come along.

Here there’s beauty in death: the textured centers, burnt gold in color; the drooping petals, modeled by the light to make them vividly three-dimensional; and the depth and the texture conveyed by the picture as a whole.

The photo was taken on July 17, 2012, at 2:21 pm.

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2 Responses to Deadheads

  1. Dick Quinn says:

    Superb composition, Ron. As usual, I love your prose.

  2. Robin Mirollo says:

    Ron, the Shasta daisies in my garden suffered the same fate. I may try cutting them back as you suggest. By the way, I viewed all three photos of the coneflowers and I love the “hide and seek” nature of the first photo and the focus on the middle flower in the third photo does make the whole more visually interesting as you suggest. Thanks for helping me to look at things differently (and helping me admire my shriveled up daisies too!)

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