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This small, migrating band of Hooded Mergansers was back again, right off shore.

The usual suspects hang out here, along our shore. They are the dabbling water fowl, those that tip over to feed, such as the Mallard ducks and the Canada Geese. No doubt they keep coming back because the bottom is within easy reach.

I’m a little surprised that the diving mergansers like it here too. They don’t need shallow water to feed, so they must find their favorite snacks here in abundance.

Throughout this sequence the female was busily diving, presumably for small edibles like aquatic insects and crustaceans. She caught no fish, of course; the favored prey, the small Bluegills, are pretty much gone for now.

The photos were taken in the early afternoon of December 4, 2012.

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  1. Dick Quinn says:

    Nicely composed. Adorable!

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