Wispy and surreal, they reminded me of northern lights, or aurora borealis. In reality, they were nothing more than fuzzy, distant clouds set ablaze by the still-hidden sun — a familiar predawn occurrence. Sadly, before the sun rose a half hour later, a dense layer of fog stealthily intervened.

Yes, I acknowledge that aurora boreales are usually green, but red and blue ones do occur, albeit rarely.

Remarkably, this was the fifth exquisite dawn in only eleven days of the new year, each singing its own, distinctive hymn to the divinities of color and fire (see “Related” links, below).

The image was captured on January 11, 2013 at 7:04 am.

Click the image to view it full screen, and click the back arrow to return. Cursor over the image to see its description. Enjoy!
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