I raised the shades at seven. Minutes later, I happened to glance out the French door at the rear of the house, and saw it right there on the terrace, only a few feet from me. As I watched, it scurried behind the northern, gable end of the house.

Although I had never seen one before, I knew immediately what it was — whether by a process of elimination, or from a dimly remembered photo, I can’t say.

I ran for the camera. By the time I got back, my visitor was gone. Did I miss the photo-op? I checked the front of the house, and the back, but no luck. Then I slowly cracked the French door, stuck my head out, and saw it up on the hill behind the gable end, hard by a neighbor’s storage shed.

I later learned that it goes by the name of Virginia Opossum. A marsupial, it sports a prehensile tail, and adapts readily to a wide range of conditions. A remarkable creature!

I had time for only three shots; luckily one came out, although it’s blurry. I always leave the camera on “Auto” for just such situations as this, when I don’t have time to consider my options. In the dim light, the camera chose a slow shutter speed. Then, I must have jerked the camera while trying to hold the storm door open with my foot. I’m sorry for the blurry image.

The date was January 13, 2013; the time, 7:15 am.

Click the image to view it full screen, and click the back arrow to return. Cursor over the image to see its description. Enjoy!
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2 Responses to Opossum

  1. Dick Quinn says:

    An opossum. A red fox. A bald eagle. Etc. An amazing variety of critters and birds in an urban setting. All bespeak the power of your window. Thank you for your sharp eyes, camera and talent, Ron.

  2. Alix Bartsch says:

    Amazing picture!

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