I saw a blur of motion out of the corner of my eye, a first intimation that something was there. That something had dashed behind my neighbor’s car parked in our shared drive.

I raced to the camera, perched at-the-ready near the pond-side windows. Turning, I saw the visitor — instantly recognizable — a Red Fox. Quickly, I raised the camera and shot across twelve feet of living room, and through the double-paned thermal window. I’ve learned the hard way: “He who hesitates is lost,” has special resonance for wildlife photographers. I was able to get off only two shots, one of which is at right.

A few minutes later, I saw the fox again, this time out on the ice, but a bit too far for decent photos. I resigned myself to a missed opportunity.

Then, almost two hours later, I spotted it once more on the ice, a little closer this time, but still pretty far. The photo at right gives an idea of just how far. My modest telephoto lens couldn’t bring it any closer. I enlarged the tiny image of the fox digitally, to produce the somewhat blurry featured photo, above.

The fox was clearly enjoying itself, cavorting on the ice. It was doing something that its birthright ordinarily denies it: walking on water.

Both photos were taken on January 19, 2013. The times were 8:49 am and 11:36 am, respectively.

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6 Responses to Red Fox*

  1. Jim Fett says:

    Opossums and foxes are rare sightings around the pond. Great that you captured them with excellent photos Ron!

  2. Jill Lion says:

    Hi Ron,
    I write to tell you that in recent years, a quarry and a country club here have been turned into residences. As a result, foxes and deer from those areas have moved into our neighborhood. We feel sorry for them, but they drive the dogs crazy.
    Jill Lion

  3. Sally says:

    Now you have me afraid to walk my little dog around your area. The picture is great, but that’s the only way I want to see a fox……in a picture!!!!

  4. Claire LeBlanc says:

    Love seeing these, so great to have a fox and opossum in our area! I have never seen a fox in my yard but I have had an opossum but only once eating leftovers from a BBQ on my deck. So happy you got a shot of these beautiful creatures that grace our pond. The pictures are beautiful as usual.
    Best, Claire

  5. Bob/Susan Gebhardt says:

    Nice photos. I’ve seen a red fox only once on our back property line and that was enough for me! Looks like the opossum is well fed…didn’t realize they got that big! We see lots of deer and Armadillos though (very destructive creatures). Deer eat our flowers and bushes and the Armadillos will tear up a yard in no time. Of course, [here in northern Mississippi,] we have lots of birds. Bob made me two blue bird houses a couple of years ago and we have babies in both houses twice a year. They aren’t aggressive birds so we’re able to view them from creating their nest to the babies taking flight. And, of course, we have lots of Red Cardinals raising their young in our numerous bushes. Last year we had a nest in our jasmine bush growing outside the screen room so we were able to watch those babies grow up and take flight as well. Very interesting!

  6. Dick Quinn says:

    A gorgeous animal and a gorgeous cropped photo. As usual, lovely prose, Ron.

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