Here are two of nature’s fancies that caught my attention in the garden recently. There’s nothing special about these photos, I suppose, just a bit of fun.

The red and yellow tulip is a loner, coming up year after year, all by itself, ever since we’ve lived here, planted by some previous owner. I’ve always been intrigued by its interior patterns, the black stamens against the bright yellow of the tepal base. That bright yellow is a departure from the dark base we see in most tulips.

The columbine pop up all over the yard, every spring, often in places where I really don’t want them, but they’re so colorful and cheerful, that I don’t have the heart to pull them up. The blossoms in this photo had been soggy from rain, but dried out just in time for this photo. They are nicely in focus against a soft background.

There’s much fine detail in these images; both will reward a small effort to view them full-screen. Just click each, and click back arrow to return.
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