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These lovely flowers were photographed between May 28 and June 9, well into the beginning of summer, but they all first appeared before Memorial Day, so the title of this post is appropriate. The photos are displayed in the order taken.

All except the first were shot with a small, innovative camera lovingly given me by my brother, Dick — a camera that excels at capturing fine details and long, delicate tonal transitions.

For photography buffs: I find that by spot-metering on the flowers I get more accurate colors. When I set the camera’s meter to measure the average light of the entire scene, the flowers’ colors can become washed-out, that is, not sufficiently saturated. As a result of this spot-metering approach, several of the images here – Photos 3., 4. and 5. – may look a bit dark if viewed in bright light, as near a window. You may want to view them in lower light, when the pupils of your eyes are more widely open.
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3 Responses to Spring Garden 2013*

  1. Jim Fett says:

    A very festive garden scene to begin the season – well done Ron!

  2. Alix Bartsch says:

    Beautiful- I’m really enjoying your photographs!

  3. Dick Quinn says:

    “Spectacular” is right, Ron. Wonderful photos. Sookie and I especially like the close-up of the Chive Blossoms. The X100 couldn’t be in better hands.

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