Here are two “outtakes” I salvaged from the cutting room floor, to use a movie-making metaphor. I almost deleted these two images, before reflecting on the responsibilities of a chronicler. They weren’t artful, I had earlier felt in one of my self-critical moods, then later decided that the contrast between two types of boats – working and pleasure – might be of interest to readers after all.

The prop boat had been dispensing herbicide to control several invasive plant species that in the past clogged the pond. To remove them required weeks of noisy, costly, mechanical “harvesting.” The herbicide is state-certified as environmentally safe, we’re told, remaining in the water long enough to do its job, then breaking down.

The “his” and “hers” kayaks are a perfect metaphor for our times. In an earlier era, there would have been just one boat, with the man doing the rowing.

The photos were taken two days apart in June 2013, on the 19th and 21st, respectively. Click the image to view it full screen, and click the back arrow to return. Click a second time to get a closer view. Enjoy.
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