I offer sincere apologies to my readers for my absence these many months. I’m deeply touched by those who called or wrote to ask if I were all right. What happened?

I became involved in several other projects that demanded all my creative energies. I’m a perfectionist; I like doing things well. That usually means doing them one at a time.

In recent decades, some psychologists have debunked the popular concept of multi-tasking. They’ve found that, in fact, most people can’t do several simultaneous tasks well — even those who like to think of themselves as multi-taskers. The brain is just not equipped for it. So, I make no apologies on that score.

I continued taking pictures, however — a pleasurable break from routine work. I now have a hopper full of interesting photos waiting for a little editing and write-up. I hope to post them all in the months ahead.

Why the rainbow? I was looking for an excuse to publish it, and this post needed a picture. There’s no rationale beyond that. It was taken on October 22, 2013 at 5:41 pm.

Click the image to view it full screen, and click the back arrow to return. Cursor over the image to see its description. Enjoy!


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