This dawn photo caught my fancy. Obviously, it’s not in a class with those lavish, ethereal displays that we see far to the southeast during the cold winter months, but it has what artists call a “pictorial” quality.

It was windless morning. A still expectancy had settled over the pond. The sun had topped the high ridge along the eastern shore some twenty minutes earlier, but it remained stubbornly hidden behind a dense bank of clouds. Alas, the wire fencing in the foreground is a necessary evil; it keeps the geese from coming up and eating the lawn.

The view is toward the east-southeast. Just visible on the shore opposite is a large rental community, which is hidden by foliage during the summer months. The date was April 9, 2014, and the time 6:57 am.

Click the image to view it full screen, and click the back arrow to return. Cursor over the image to see its description. Enjoy!
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