Some photographers believe — as an article of faith — that they can’t take good photographs of a place while simply passing through; they must live there, for a while at least. As a young man, I scoffed at that idea; now I embrace it.

I’m not an adventurous photographer. I don’t go tramping through the woods to find an exotic wildflower, a light-dappled glen, or an expansive vista. Of course, I know it’s easy to take a philosophical stance to justify one’s own shortcomings, in my case, inertia.

The truth is that most of the photos on this blog were taken from my window, doorway, or in my yard, which bordered on Hardy Pond in Waltham, Massachusetts. I didn’t go far to take photos because I didn’t have to; they came to me.

On the technical side, I find most online galleries a bit mechanical and impersonal. I wanted to offer a friendlier setting, so I adopted a blog format. It took me a while to settle on a page design — it had to be simple — but I think I finally got it right, clean but readable.

My sister says I’m a nature photographer. Maybe. But I tell her that I simply took what was in front of me. If I lived in the city, it would almost certainly be urban goings-on. I resist being pigeon-holed, I guess, because I see photo opportunities everywhere. Now that I’ve left the pond, I’ll have a chance to explore many new challenges.

As you may have noticed, the links to my permanent galleries appear at the top of every page. I chose the photos in the galleries not only for their subject matter, but also what I judged to be their technical or artistic merit. Sometimes, though, one of these three criteria will be strong enough to elbow out the other two.

Ron Cohen
January 29, 2011
Rev. April 14, 2012
Rev. September 13, 2015

Email:  ron@roncohen.com


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  1. Lin says:

    I liked your Times comment today so much I looked you up. Photos are stunning; the ominous local dawns haunting.

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Ron, Enjoyed the post! My wife and I moved to Waltham just over a year ago (southside) and have yet to make it up to that pond–I see a bike trip in our future.

  3. Judy Kocur says:

    Ron, You have managed to capture the beauty in everyday life. I think I can name several of your plants such as Caesar’s Brother which is the most common Siberian Iris, or Thalia the white jonquil/daffodil. You show that you don’t need special breeds to make a great picture. As always, I believe that simplicity is best. With no distractions it’s easier to see nature’s beauty. Judy

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