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I’ve never had a telephoto lens long enough to capture distant wildlife, so I’ve had to wait opportunistically for the birds or critters to come to me. And I’ve had to be satisfied, in some cases, with image quality that wasn’t quite up to my standards.

That said, I believe there are some arresting photos in this collection. The wood ducks, for example, were perched in a tree not far from my window. They visit every year, but never stay in plain sight for long, so I had a bit of luck, catching them just as they alighted in the tree.

The regular, feathered residents of the pond—the mallards, the mute swans, and the various gulls—often come close enough to the shore for me to get some decent photos. They’re used to seeing people about, so they’re not overly concerned when I appear at the window, or even move down to the water’s edge. The migrating ducks are more skittish, venturing close to shore less often, and swimming away as soon as they see me. I have to be both alert and quick to photograph them.

Click on the mosaic to open the slide show. In the slide show, the birds are grouped by species. Within each grouping, they appear in the order taken, with the earliest first. I trust you’ll enjoy these seventy-six photos of our feathered friends. If you’d like to learn more about these photos, I invite you to explore the related posts, below.

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