Jackie’s Blooms

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Over the years, I’ve taken many photos of Jackie’s flowers. I offer these favorites to celebrate her lovely garden by the pond. In the slide show, they are arranged in order of seasonal appearance, with the vertical images grouped together, followed by the horizontal images (with one exception, to improve the mosaic.)

These images are astonishingly beautiful when viewed full screen. (A good candidate is 3. Jonquils ‘Thalia;’ when viewed full-screen, the flower’s softly illuminated petals reveal their exquisite delicacy.) Click on any image to open the slide show. Then click on the link below the lower right corner of an image to view it full-screen. Enjoy!
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One Response to Jackie’s Blooms

  1. Terry Sullivan says:

    Ron, your flower photos are magnificent.
    I especially like the Yellow Daffodil, Siberian Iris , and the Snowdrops.

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