Sat Apr 2023

Yellow Daffodil*

I titled this post Yellow Daffodil because in truth I didn’t know the correct name for this trumpet daffodil. My garden book suggests it may be a “King Arthur” cultivar, but I can’t be sure. A quick search of the Internet didn’t give me the answer, either.

Of course, this is a technical point, of interest only to a few committed gardeners. After all, a daffodil by any other name…(as olde Will Shakespeare might say). But, if you have any facts about these lovely, hardy, spring-flowering bulbs, please share them with us in the comment box, below.

Their color, form and pose are so expressive, is there any doubt why these narcissum are beloved by all. Their origin? The western Mediterranean, my flower book says.

The top photo I took this spring, on April 12, 2011, and the bottom one two years earlier, on April 18, 2009. All the blooms are from the same batch of bulbs, growing in the same garden spot.

The earlier photo, at bottom, shows the daffodils after a heavy rain. Their color appears less intense. Maybe it’s due to longer exposure to the elements, or just the softer light that always follows a rain.

Below, I’ve posted a link to a photo of a lovely bicolored daffodil, which I took behind the house minutes after the top one.