Sat Apr 2023

Turtle Mystery

“Sophie” was the first of four snapping turtles in early June to lay her eggs in the same hole just outside my window (see my two previous posts). She started the ball rolling about 11:30 am on the first day of June. I took this photo discreetly from my window, so as not to interfere with the proceedings.

Later on, about 4:30, I went out and took a picture of the laying hole. First, though, I gently probed around with a small stick. I can say for sure there were no eggs. They are big enough that I couldn’t have missed them. And below the top inch or two of loose soil, the earth was hard-packed, quite undisturbed.

Incidentally, I know the times because my digital camera automatically keeps a record.

So “somebody” came around and took the eggs. We don’t usually see skunks in broad daylight, and racoons are rare here. By a process of elimination, I’m forced to point the finger at our resident family of groundhogs. These cute rodents are formidable diggers, as you know.