Sat Apr 2023

Thieving Chipmunk

From time to time, we’ve had one or two chipmunks on the property, but this year there’s been a population explosion. What caused it, I don’t know. Perhaps a warmer than usual winter, as our arborist has suggested. Whatever it was, it must have boosted the geese population as well.

The chipmunks live in our stone walls. I must admit, they add a lot of smiles around here. I’ve seen them cavort and chase each other as squirrels do, with the same joie de vivre.

Recently, I saw one being chased on the ground by a very angry sparrow. It had something in its mouth; no doubt the little rascal had stolen one of her eggs. When chasing it didn’t work, she took to the air and swooped on it, again to no avail.

When I see a blur out of the corner of my eye, I know it’s a “chippie;” only these cute little rodents have such blinding speed. I wish them well, and hope to see them back with us again next year.

These photos were taken at 8:06 am on June 18, 2011. I had to shoot through two panes of a thermal window and a screen. That accounts for the slight haze you might detect if you look closely. If I had opened a door or window to get a clearer shot, my subject would have disappeared in a blur of motion.