Fri Mar 2023

Bald Eagle at Noon

I had just sat down for lunch when a din of honking arose from the geese in the pond. I looked up to see the Bald Eagle fly in from the north, as usual, and alight high up in Jim’s old willow tree. The tree is between Jim’s property and ours, so I had a clear line of sight from my windows. Jim told me later he also saw the bird. It was an overcast day.

At first, the great bird’s attention was drawn to something on the tree limb, perhaps edible insects.

I grabbed my camera and scooted out the back door, furtively rounding the house. As soon as I had the eagle in my sights, I started shooting while walking. When I reached the tree, the eagle flew off in an easterly direction, once again to the accompaniment of loud honking by the geese.