Fri Mar 2023

Chippies Are Back!

In an earlier post, I fretted there were no squirrels and chipmunks cavorting in our yard this spring. As much excitement as the Bald Eagles had brought into our lives, loss of those lively creature was an awfully high price to pay. Well, the eagles have not been seen for some weeks, now, the weather has warmed, and the chippies and a few squirrels have finally returned.

At first, the chippies sped away when they saw me at the window. Now, they delay their flight just long enough to take a good look. As they’ve gotten used to me, their curiosity has gotten the better of them. I still take care not to move too quickly when I see them, nor approach too closely to the window. This photo was take through the thermal, double glass of a French door, plus a third layer of glass in the storm door. Not too bad for all that! The date was May 5, 2012.

I’ve used the plural, “chippies,” though I’m not yet sure there’s more than one. Based on last year’s experience, however, I’ll bet there is. Time will tell.