Fri Mar 2023

Sailboat first

This is the first sailboat I’ve seen on the pond in many years, and a good sight it was, too — so colorful, and so swiftly gliding over the water, with just that one, small sail to propel it.

It looked to me like an inflatable raft, and I wondered how it could have a centerboard, needed to stabilize a sailboat in strong winds winds and currents. My neighbor assured me that even though it was inflatable, it did indeed have a centerboard. OK…I’ll take that on faith.

The owner looks like he may have a few of the comforts of home aboard. I wonder what music he’s listening to? Whatever it is, I doubt it can best the natural music of the wind, water and birds. Anyway, my hat’s off to him. I’d like to see many more sails on the pond.