Fri Mar 2023

Great Blue in Rain

haven’t seen the Great Blue Herons on the pond for a while. Not since the big, concrete boat ramp was finished earlier this summer. Nowadays, one or more fishing boats can be almost always be seen on the water, at any time from early morning to late evening.

The Green Herons apparently have made their peace with the anglers. These small herons still appear outside my window every few days, but fly away when a boat approaches. The great blues haven’t shown up at all, except this one individual, and then only when it rains and there are no boats about.

What’s keeping the great blues away? Is it the boats, as I suggest, or are there other factors at play? Something killed thousands of little sunfish this spring. Perhaps that “something” has made the pond less hospitable for the great blues as well. Anglers who come in close to shore tell me there are still plenty of Largemouth Bass in the pond, which the great blues take. Time will tell