Thu Mar 2023

Opossum shades

I raised the shades at seven. Minutes later, I happened to glance out the French door at the rear of the house, and saw it right there on the terrace, only a few feet from me. As I watched, it scurried behind the northern, gable end of the house.

Although I had never seen one before, I knew immediately what it was — whether by a process of elimination, or from a dimly remembered photo, I can’t say.

I ran for the camera. By the time I got back, my visitor was gone. Did I miss the photo-op? I checked the front of the house, and the back, but no luck. Then I slowly cracked the French door, stuck my head out, and saw it up on the hill behind the gable end, hard by a neighbor’s storage shed.

I later learned that it goes by the name of Virginia Opossum. A marsupial, it sports a prehensile tail, and adapts readily to a wide range of conditions. A remarkable creature!

I had time for only three shots; luckily one came out, although it’s blurry. I always leave the camera on “Auto” for just such situations as this, when I don’t have time to consider my options. In the dim light, the camera chose a slow shutter speed. Then, I must have jerked the camera while trying to hold the storm door open with my foot. I’m sorry for the blurry image.

The date was January 13, 2013; the time, 7:15 am.

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